A collection of articles, presentations or talks, most likely on Culture and DevOps, because let’s admit it, they are one in the same ;)

Webinar - Orchestrating your Software Pipeline with CircleCI and Artifactory

This joint webinar introduces CircleCI Orbs and demonstrates the ease of integrating with JFrog Artifactory for scanning, attestation and confidence in your software deliver pipeline.

November 2018

Talk - Organically DevOps: Building Quality and Security into the Software Supply Chain at Liberty Mutual

This talk looked at Liberty Mutual’s transformation to Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, and DevOps. For a large, heavily regulated industry, this task can not only be daunting, but viewed by many as impossible.

November 2016

Tech Article - Implementing Access Control Lists in CakePHP

Demonstrating ability to convey complext technical concepts, this article breaks down the concepts and implementation of ACL for authorization rules in the CakePHP framework. One of the more popular articles on Eddie's now neglected tech blog.

March 2009

Article - The 3-legged stool of enterprise cloud adoption

Tooling, Training, Transparency - The 3-pronged approach to successful cloud adoption in the enterprise.

December 2017
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