Adventure Riding

Inspired by co-worker and fellow ADV rider's blog, I've decided to start blogging about some rides or activites I'm found of.

Kushaqua Mud Pond -- Finally (sorta)

July 5, 2020

PLANNED RIDE: Here's the plan, re-visit CR-26 (full tank of gas this time!) and then turn southwest down Kushaqua-Mud Pond road down into Onchiota before returning eastward.

I finally did it! - New Tires

June 20, 2020

This is long overdue for me. I've been eyeing some nice 50/50 tires since I got this bike several years ago. I've had Mitas E-07 set sitting in my garage for 3 months. This weekend I finally swapped in my new tires, and dit it myself!

Running on empty - Loon Lake Loop

June 2, 2020

How far will your car go on “E”?

Once the little light pops on you know there's a good bit left to get you to a fill-up at the nearest station. And I've pushed my car knowing that. A bit of googling says depending on make & model, most cars will get 30-50 miles.

But when the indicator light came on my bike this weekend I knew my little tank would not be so generous… or would it?

Thrall Dam and Tracy Rd

May 25, 2020

My buddy who's been talking about “getting a big ol chopper” since he was 12 finally got himself a harley 20 years later. It's his first bike, so we went for an easy ride a few weeks back.

When we were sitting outside after (socially distanced of course!) his neighbor joined our convo from the balcony. He asked if I liked Tracy rd. He wasn't a rider, but he had heard from a group of his coworkers I guess.

Anyhow, apparently a well known and loved road, Tracy is a tight twisty ride with potholes that want to throw you out of your seat.

Chazy Chateaugay Chute

August 6, 2019

This was a random route planned by Calimoto, it took me past 2 gorgeous lakes, Chazy and Chateaugay. The views were epic, both waterside and hilltop, unfortunately I was focused on the ride and didnt get many pictures.

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